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Nicolas Reyes, founder of Cloudlance, company incubated at Ingenio, shows us his projects, ideas and tells us his story of how he got here with his startup in this new edition of #MiráMiStartup.


Getting to know the company

Cloudlance (formerly BO Partners) is a company that is focused on providing solutions to freelancers based on productivity tools.  To do this, we have developed management tools that are built to be simple to use, very intuitive, and that enable freelancers to do all the administrative part of their job easily and very quickly.

At the company we believe that there is a big movement developing around the freelancer work. In fact, the paradigm of work is changing in the world thanks to freelancing, which presents interesting opportunities: it has significant growth rates in developed countries and in Latin America there is good potential.

When and why did you come up with Cloudlance?

Cloudlance comes from my work on a global consultancy company, where people traveled around the world. That allowed me to see how complex the expense reporting process usually is and I always said to myself “if I could do something to improve this it would be easier for the consultants to bill and collect payment from their customers.”

This is how this idea began to germinate in my head, and in 2012 it began to take shape. By 2013 the idea already existed as a strong concept, and finally in 2014 I created the BO Partners platform (now Cloudlance) in Uruguay.

What is the value proposition of the company?

Cloudlance’s value proposition is quite specific. The biggest problem for most freelancers is that they only focus on what they do. They are experts in specific areas and the administrative part is relegated to a second place. In this regard, we developed a platform based on lean processes where information is loaded once and it’s reused in a way that allows freelancers to integrate the operation of billing expenses (both project and personal), follow up of collections and reports. We believe that this is the main added value, and you can find it in the report that integrates the life of a freelancer in all aspects: income, project related expenses, and personal expenses, among others.

This allows the freelancer to really know if his work is being profitable or not, and what to do to change it if necessary. This is very valuable information for any freelancer. To sum up, we help them with order, neatness, speed, processes and, above all, simplicity.

What are the company’s plans for this year?

This year we will launch our first release. We are currently on public beta. If people who are reading this want to be part of the beta testing they can register through our site.

In the following months we will be launching in different Latin American countries.

How do you see the company three years from now?

The idea is to grow in Latin America, covering the Spanish-speaking countries. Afterwards we will seek to expand into other regions and include new languages.


Source: Ingenio

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