Importance Of Client Reviews When Freelancing

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Importance Of Client Reviews When Freelancing

Can you remember the last time you received poor customer service? Do you remember what you did? How many people did you share this experience with?


When looking into this topic and reading information posted through different sources I realized how meaningful this is and how it becomes crucial for freelancers. If you come to think about it, the way customers see you is key. Based on their impression, they may either rehire you or spread the word of how great you did your job. Either option is of high importance to get more gigs and to create a solid and professional image of your service.

Numbers show that approximately nine people share their good experiences with others, while almost twice as much (sixteen) share bad experiences *. This certainly impacts your business. What are the chances of rehiring a service when you have experienced poor customer service? On top of that, what are the chances of hiring a service for the first time if you have heard bad reviews? Numbers also show that 86% of customers choose not to do further business with a company after poor or bad customer service. If you think this through you will probably find yourself within that percentage of people. After experiencing poor service you most likely will choose to go with a different option.

Why risk going through a bad experience again when you have many other alternatives out there? This is vital when freelancing. With all the competition, and with all the freelance communities available, searching for options is extremely easy.

In the freelancing world where stress, uncertainty, long working days, unsteady cash flow, fighting feast and famine cycles are present, you may find yourself loosing focus at times and forgetting the true importance behind providing an outstanding service. It is imperative though to understand the underlying importance behind this concept and the impact it has in our business. Asking our customers what they really want is a helpful practice. This generates nice rapport and builds good communication. Clients need to be heard and this has been proven to be a key driver for spending more time with a company or business.

Some say “Customer service is the new marketing”. What do you think? What is your experience?


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