Defining Success As a Freelancer

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Defining Success As a Freelancer

It is a common thing to ask ourselves what we have accomplished by the end of a year. Most likely, if you begin asking friends and relatives what they define by success, you will be surprised to see that it’s a hard question to answer. And after a few minutes of thinking it through people normally tend to associate success with acquisition.

Some people break this down by describing success at a personal level and separately they define success at work.

Normally, when it comes to a multinational working environment, success is determined by accomplishing goals set by CEOs and VPs. By the end of each year there are so many evaluations made and there is a thorough analysis completed to discover the results achieved and, therefore, obtain the yearly performance rates. Depending on these results, the following year’s objectives are set.

Each business unit is aware of what they have to work on during the year, they know which goals they have to accomplish and, hence, they have daily tasks to work on that will ultimately allow them to reach those main objectives. That is why in scenarios like these, it could be very easy for each employee to have a clear idea of what is expected on their end and therefore know if their performance was successful or not.

When it comes down to freelancing the story changes completely. Those goals and objectives are set by you. And what is more interesting, and confusing at the same times, is that our “work” goals are interconnected with our personal ones. Things are so interrelated that it is hard to separate them as freelancers.

Even though it may be hard, and especially when you just get started, it is a good idea and a best practice to use these last two months of the year to sit down and go through your yearly performance. This is vital when you are on your own. You need to understand what your situation is and obtain a clear picture of numerous things:
– what projects you’ve worked on,
– what profit you made,
– what investment was made,
– what is in the pipeline,
– what needs to change for next year,
– what needs to remain the same.

Important conclusions can be deciphered from this in depth analysis that can help you improve results for next year. For example: Do you need to improve your marketing strategy? Do you need to improve your communication skills with clients? Do you need to invest on your website? Do you need to adjust prices?

The reality is that success is measured differently depending on what goals we set. As freelancers, it is crucial to start off a year with a clear picture of what you would like to achieve, what goals you have in mind, and what premises you would like to follow. Even if you need to change things along the way, it is important to have a guide and organize your work. This will definitely help you succeed.

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