How To Communicate With Potential Clients

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How To Communicate With Potential Clients

When freelancing it is very important to introduce ourselves in an appropriate way. Clients will hire us based on the impression they perceive when getting to know us.

Have you ever asked yourself how to communicate with potential clients? To begin with it is very important to be friendly but also straightforward. Also, it’s important to talk to our clients, entertain them, and persuade them with convincing arguments so they feel confident to try our services. Lastly, it is important to leave them a business card that will allow them to contact us whenever they are in need. If all of this is done appropriately, most likely you will leave them with a positive impression of yourself and your work.

Creating business cards is very important and proven to be a successful resource. When creating them you should focus on the following:

-You should address what service you provide, how to contact you and who your audience is. This means include your contact number and fax, your physical location (if applicable), your email address and website

-Include your business logo and remember to maintain the same criteria for all your publications. If you choose a specific color or image for your website, it’s a good idea to maintain that same choice for all means of communications. That way you keep an alignment and clients won’t get confused.

-Although you don’t have to invest too much, it is important to make a good quality card assuring it’s easy to read and won’t tear after leaving it a month in your wallet.

-Also remember that this is a way to introduce yourself to others. Therefore, when elaborating your business card try to find a way to communicate what you do in a catchy way. Figure out which colors, font, images, decoration you want to include. This can be hard though because there may be a tendency of overdoing it and exaggerating with colors, or not taking advantage of the little space available. It’s important not to go too crazy with this creative side, because business cards are small and sometimes less is more.

Think about a time you have gone to a sales event and every salesperson gave you a business card. You end up with dozens but most likely you retain the image of only a couple that caught your attention. I think we all agree that if your business card stands out, clients are more likely to remember you and thus hire you.

Do you have a business card? What is your experience?

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