Sales Tips For Freelancers

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Sales Tips For Freelancers

Many times we fall into the habit of making generalizations as to what our customers want. Although we may be certain that our product or service is outstanding, it’s important to see that each customer’s challenges may be different.

To understand these challenges it is very important to conduct research, and discover what our customers want and need. It’s my impression that many times we fail to ask specific questions in regards to their unique needs and pain-points. Instead, what we do is fall into the tendency of rambling on and on about how great our product/service is. For sure we need passion when talking about our business, but not at the expense of taking the time to understand our clients and asking the right questions.

Although it’s great to mention all the features your service has, what a client really wants to hear are the features that will benefit them in their particular case. They need to understand how it will impact and benefit their business, rather than learn about the existing and future features you are planning on adding. In other words, they need to understand how you can help solve their needs and what added value they’ll receive should they hire your service.

Once we have asked the right questions and closed a deal, there are things we can continue doing even after our job was done. After selling your service, after you completed their request, after payments were made and the deal is definitely closed, I feel there are still action points we can address. Basically, there are two important things I believe should be done:

– First of all, it would be great to ask our customers for feedback. Receiving their feedback is vital to continue improving and growing based on real experiences.

– Secondly, I find it very important not to lose contact. We may fall into the habit of abandoning our clients once they have hired us and we have completed the job. In my personal experience, staying in touch by sending occasional emails to see how things are going, has worked out really well. Not only you are showing interest, but you also keep the doors opened for any future request.

Whatever it is we have to offer sometimes it isn’t as easy as it may seem. Some people just have a gift, and naturally convey their message knowing how and when to do everything. For others, this is more difficult and they have a hard time closing deals. If you feel you have a hard time, by putting some tips into practice, hopefully, you will slowly begin to feel more confident and enjoy the results of an effective “sales strategy”.

Is this hard for you? What are your tips as a freelancer to be an effective salesperson?

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