Freelancing During the Holidays

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Freelancing During the Holidays

Depending on what field you specialize in, you could notice that some weeks or months are busier than others and you may feel the need to ask for help. Generally, and I believe this is the most frequent scenario, you hear everyone talk about how busy they are towards the end of the year with the holiday season coming up.

However, I ask myself, are we busier this time of the year because we actually have that much work? Or is it because everyone has many more activities, celebrations, “get togethers”, end of the year parties, and vacations scheduled that in fact you have less time to focus on work?

If you come to think about it when you start taking on more business, it’s important to analyze what is more convenient. Hiring employees implies figuring out how long we should hire this person for, whether it’s best to hire someone that’s just starting off that may charge less than a very experienced one, we should sign an agreement with the terms arranged. Of course you have to make sure you pay on time and confirm there is enough in your account so you don’t get hit with a bank fee. At the same time, you may ask yourself if it’s necessary to hire an accountant. Is it more profitable to pay someone who’s specialized and have them do this for you? Or do you feel comfortable to manage it on your own?

Particularly in my case, I have the same amount of workload more or less. I may have a couple more projects to work on but that doesn’t justify hiring someone to help me. I notice that if I organize my agenda starting early November, I can manage to cope with everything perfectly fine. That is why time management and organizational skills are key to overcome these overwhelming months.

Hiring someone would represent less profit and it really doesn’t make sense in my personal case. That’s why I wonder how much do freelancers plan ahead of time. Is it possible to accommodate our schedules and fit everything in or do we really need to hire someone? Both are absolutely valid options, as long as numbers add up. When we have more gigs, we have more invoices, more expenses, more working hours… things can get hectic. How do you manage this? Do you need to hire by the end of the year or can you deal with everything on your own?

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