Freelancer, How Do You Beat Burnout?

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Freelancer, How Do You Beat Burnout

Most likely we are all identified with burnout sooner or later.

When we decide to freelance we consciously choose to embrace this new ride and take all risks behind this new work-life style. We know ahead of time that this choice comes with several challenges. Sometimes we predict a few of the challenges and other times they just appear without our prior consideration. Regardless of which ones we have to face, we all know that this is not easy at first.

Of course much of all the energy you have at first comes naturally when you strongly desire to make your business grow and capture new clients and, ultimately, when you wish to make a living out of this choice. However, it’s likely to feel that your energy is slowly fading when things are not resulting as you hoped they would. Or simply because this takes a while, success doesn’t come overnight.

Reality sometimes isn’t what we expect and we find ourselves not sleeping well, we don’t eat well, we stop exercising, we don’t visit our friends as often, nor our family, … what we do is work all day long. There is a point in which we feel so exhausted and we are trapped in this nonstop working habit that we forget one of the main reasons why we actually got into this in the first place: to have some spare time.

Personally, the main reason why I started off freelancing was because I wanted a better balance between my work and personal life. I wanted to organize my schedules as I pleased allowing time off to spend time with my family and friends. I look back to when I got started and quite honestly I wonder how I managed to confront so many defies. It was extremely hard, having to wear so many hats and being in charge of everything on my own, I felt I was about to be on the brink of burnout.

After some months of intense and nonstop work, I realized I needed a break. If I didn’t change my routine, I was going to reach my tipping point. So I made sure I covered three basic points: eat well, sleep well and avoid working past 6 PM. I slowly began to feel more energetic again and the truth is I was getting things done much faster. I was able to concentrate much better and focus on work. I began to enjoy the choice I had made.

How do you beat burnout? Have you ever felt you would reach your tipping point?

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