Family’s Impression on Freelancing

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Family’s Impression on Freelancing

After several years of freelancing my family still has this huge misconception and wonders why I left my “real job” and opted to work from home.

I honestly thought that by now they’d understand the main differences and the significant changes that came along with this decision. However, for some reason my parents, specially my dad, has a hard time understanding this.

Although working as a freelancer can be hard for some to understand, the truth is that I feel there are more positive aspects to it than negative.

– You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck,
– you don’t have to work for and with people you don’t get along with,
– you are not constantly interrupted or distracted,
– you organize your own agenda,
– you do things as you believe should be done and not like others tell you,
– you choose which client and which project to work,
– you charge as much as you want,
– if you learn how to prioritize your work and are great at time management, you may end up working less hours per day than what you ever imagined
– most importantly, and what I feel has been the upmost important difference, is that in general terms, freelancers work at what they enjoy most and at what they feel they are best at.

After enumerating these main reasons and benefits, which come out naturally to me, I gave my dad two examples to help him see how this really changed my life.

To begin with, I explained how I am able to do many more things for my son now than what I used to. Things like taking him to school and picking him up every day, eating lunch together from time to time, making it on time for his soccer practice, and others are just some examples of the activities I could now share with him which I couldn’t before.

The second important change I noticed is that I feel much calmer. I used to run all day every day. I had to drive long distances to get to work, by the time I drove back after work I had to get things done at home. Cook, clean, laundry, and run all errands. I felt exhausted and I found myself always thinking of the next thing I had to do before the day was over. That lifestyle was over. Working from home, things flow at a different pace. I get things done much faster and I find myself enjoying the new rhythm.

Obviously, I reached this point after some time. It doesn’t come over night. But I feel it is absolutely worth the wait. Once you have a steady business at home, with a few steady clients, the balance between work and personal life is perfect. I think my dad finally understood that freelancing has been a perfect choice for me. What does your family think about your freelance job?

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