What Is Your Business Pitch With New Clients?

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What Is Your Business Pitch With New Clients

Just recently going through some old emails, I came across an email response I had sent years ago to a possible client. Every time a client contacted me I used to send them the same exact email response. The majority of new clients contacted me through email, they requested some general information and I always sent off the same response, with the same description and the same “intro letter”. In other words, I included the same details of my professional experience to each and every new client, regardless what their request was.

Luckily, I realized that wasn’t the best business approach and changed it sometime later. This was perhaps one of my weakest areas: my sales and marketing approach. After attending some meetups I realized I needed to change my method.

I realized how important these email communications are since they initiate relationships with clients. They are the perfect opportunity to show what we are capable of doing and demonstrate what we have done especially if it is similar to what the client is requesting. The tricky part is to summarize everything and say the proper words to get the client to hire us. That’s one of the other big tips I learned later on as I gained more experience. We don’t have to say everything we’ve done and provide every single example to show we have the qualifications needed to do the job. Sometimes, less is more. Instead, we should narrow it down to specific and concise examples to show our experience and to show we are the right person to do the job.

On top of that, what I began doing is addressing the email to the client showing I know what their business is about. This recommendation has definitely made a difference. Visit the company’s site, investigate what they do and this way you can generate proximity and talk about their needs from a different perspective.

Another change I applied was to mention my distinction. This may be hard, especially at first, but I am sure we all have something that makes our service/product unique. What main difference do you have that others don’t?

It is quite challenging to come up with a “business pitch”. However, it’s important to determine one and personalize the way we want to capture clients. What key benefits do you offer? What makes you unique? Why should a client hire you?

It took me a while to answer these questions. How about you? Do you have a business pitch?


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