Time Off As A Freelancer

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So after working for so many months in a row, having one project after another to work on and meeting tough deadlines, I wasn’t dedicating much time to my family. I felt so bad with this situation and my son was constantly requesting my attention. This is when I thought it would be a good idea to go on vacations for a couple of weeks with my family. My husband was very thrilled with the idea and absolutely agreed.

He managed to arrange a two week break and we made things work perfectly well with our son’s days off at school as well. Everything was perfect. After his vacation leave was approved, he told me the exact dates and I made things match perfectly well with my projects and deliverables.

We bought 3 plane tickets to go to Cancun and enjoy the hot weather. We were all very excited.

About two weeks prior to leaving I receive an email from a big company I had been in touch with a while back. The CEO was asking if I could schedule a call as he had an offer and needed my response as soon as possible. I immediately responded, we talked that same day over a Skype conversation. The CEO explained they were working on a big project and he wanted to hire me to complete the work another company had begun. Apparently, they weren’t satisfied with the job done and therefore needed someone to come on board promptly to avoid interrupting the ongoing process. His tone of voice showed some desperation.

Based on what he explained, it sounded very sincere that he needed someone immediately and if I didn’t accept that offer, he’d turn to his next option. The money was good and the opportunity was amazing. Accepting this offer meant I couldn’t travel. I would have to postpone the entire trip and check with the airline to rebook and pay the fee to change dates, I’d have to contact the hotel and see what their policy was, it also meant talking to my husband and checking if he could rearrange everything at work.

I felt completely overwhelmed with the situation and thinking of my son’s face when telling him we’d have to cancel the trip for now, was simply devastating.

The truth is that the project was absolutely appealing, but I couldn’t do that to my family. I told the CEO I would love to join him in the project and would be more than happy to work extra hours if needed, but that would only be possible if I joined after coming back from my trip. To my surprise he said he’d think about it. Three days later he came back saying he was willing to wait and have the job done by me. He had faced so many problems by hiring someone else and he knew how committed I was that he understood it was worth the wait and we agreed on starting immediately once I got back from my trip.

I was so sure he wasn’t going to wait for me, that I was absolutely surprised and gratified to hear him say he wanted this done by me and avoid going into any further risks after already having a bad experience. The chances of him waiting for me weren’t that high, I took the risk of requesting him to fix his project to my agenda, and it worked out very well. For sure a freelancer has to adapt to a dynamic routine in which you don’t know when you are going to work with someone or who that person may be. And for sure a freelancer has to learn how to negotiate. That was a hard lesson for me. How do you manage this? Is it easy for you to negotiate?

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