The Importance of Word-Of-Mouth for Freelancers

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The Importance of Word-Of-Mouth for Freelancer

Last year I ran into my next-door neighbor and we started chit chatting a bit. He mentioned there was a new restaurant close by and strongly recommended it.

He had gone with his family and they were all amazed at how unique their service was. His tone of voice and enthusiasm when sharing his experience with me, made me curious and so I told a group of friends if they wanted to go check the place out. We all agreed on going on a Friday night.

As we were walking through the entrance there were several posters of unusual places that seemed very intriguing. As you continue walking you reach the end of the passage and the hostess receives you and walks you to your table. The place is very cool, there are different hallways that take you to different rooms all decorated with different styles and which do not have anything in common among themselves. The entire place has such an odd layout that somehow you manage to see a bit of each room regardless of which one you are sitting in.

Every table is different from the other as well as every chair. Waiters and waitresses are all dressed with different colors but they all have an apron to distinguish them from clients. After a few minutes we arrived, all of a sudden we see a saxophonist walk in the room and play amazing blues, he later left and went into another room and walks around from room to room playing throughout the night. The same thing is done with a magician, a couple dancing Tango, a juggler and an artist. We had no idea this was included as part of the restaurants regular service and it surprised us so much and we enjoyed the experience so much that we all agreed we’d come back for sure. Not only the place was amazing and entertaining but also the food was excellent.

I heard my neighbor talk about this place and how exciting it was that I felt the need to check it out. Just like he shared his experience I will did the same and commented on how different and unique it is.

A year after that this restaurant has become so famous that people from other cities have come and visited it, there are often 1 hour waiting lines and what is extremely astonishing is that they have never worked on marketing and promoting their restaurant. Obviously they came up with a distinctive service and word-of-mouth is so powerful they didn’t need to focus on that.

Whether you are dedicated to one industry or another, marketing is always a common factor in which we all have to stop and think about. Some chose online presence, some aim at TV commercials, some have such an extraordinary product or service they have no need to invest neither time nor money on that.

How do you relate to this? Have you had to invest on campaign marketing to capture clients? Or has word-of-mouth been enough for you?

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