80 Year Old Grandma Freelancing

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80 Year Old Grandma Freelancing

What I find incredible about freelancing is that it has no boundaries. There are no limits as to what can be done and/or how. You are free to use your creativity and run your business as you feel is best. But apart from that, who said you have to be young to start off as a freelancer?

I was talking to my grandmother and she was telling me how much she missed our summer house. We used to go every year for around 1 to 2 months and spend our summer vacations all together. It was a big crowd. My parents, brother and I; my aunt and uncle with my two cousins; my grandparents and great grandmother; and there was always someone else joining us during the weekends. The beach was about 5 blocks away and we liked going as much as possible and enjoying the fresh water and white and clean sand. It was great; I remember enjoying the stay so much.

The house was not used during winter time and we barely went during spring, so approximately during 6 to 8 months the house was closed. So when we arrived in the summer it needed urgent clean up. Adults divided tasks and each one was in charge of one area looking to leave the house impeccable. This took a while.

My grandmother was telling me how much she enjoyed those days. She was sharing some anecdotes with me and said: ´´I remember that at times I felt I needed my own space, my own personal time. Although I loved living two intense months with my daughters and grandchildren, I needed my free time. Cleaning and cooking for so many people, and playing with all 4 of you was beautiful but also tiring. At times I wanted to be alone. So what I did was work in my garden center. This helped me get distracted, think only about fertilizers and ground connection, loosen up and simply relax. It was amazing how many plants I had and how beautiful they were. I could have even sold them when the next door neighbors or any friend stopped by to visit. They went to the garden center we had in the front and backyard, and they asked me if I could prepare a plant for them to buy. I miss that so much! It´s beautiful to do what you really enjoy in life.´´

After several funny stories and sharing memories I realized my grandmother needed some distraction today as well. When she talked about the garden center she had back then, you could see a beautiful spark and excitement in her eyes. She is always working on her garden and everyone asks her for advice on how to water a specific plant and whether it is an indoor or outdoor plant, etc. So I told her to start a new project, to begin working on her garden center as a hobby/job and slowly, through word of mouth, she´ll have a few clients. She doesn’t really need more than that.

I truthfully feel there is no age limit, nor boundaries when freelancing. I believeanybody could freelance as long as they enjoy what they are doing. Particularly my grandmother, at this point, would do it mainly as a hobby because she doesn´t depend on that income to pay her bills. But regardless of that, she could build a garden center as if it were a small business to run.

I brought this up and she was amazingly in love with the idea and we immediately got started. She reorganized the backyard allowing room to walk around in case someone went; she grouped all plants according to their kind; she bought more pots to grow more of each plant. My grandmother was busy doing what she loved and she felt so proud, useful and productive.

An 80-year-old and freelancing! How old were you when you became a freelancer?

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