What Happens When You Don’t Have A Gig In The Pipeline?

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What happens when you dont have a gig in the pipelineSo it turns out I was extremely busy, I was juggling so many projects at the same time. It was actually the most I have ever managed simultaneously.

One of the projects lasted 6 months total and it represented a big challenge in my career. I felt so gratified when I provided the last deliverable promised and noticed that my client was very satisfied; in fact it seemed as if I had exceeded his expectations. That certainly is a satisfying moment. After seeing how pleased he was with the final outcome, I assumed that most likely he will reach out to me again and will also refer me to colleagues which may open doors to new gigs.

Regardless of that, and as it turns out, I was so devoted to complying with deadlines and meeting my client’s needs that I forgot to do something obvious: continue looking for more work even though I was working. People always say that freelancing has a big challenge and it is that you lead a feast or famine lifestyle. But a good rule of thumb is to never stop hunting for gigs, even if you are busy.

What I have learned in these past years is that there is always something that can be done, even when there is no actual project to work on. Normally, we are so busy with deadlines that we tend to leave administration tasks for later. So, while I hunt for new gigs, I can also take advantage of doing these admin tasks. A while back I realized how beneficial Cloudlance has been and how useful their reports are. Every time I want to have an idea of how well I’ve done in a specific project or period of time, I notice that these reports provide that information in a clear and easy to read layout. This has helped me raise awareness in important aspects such as: which projects have been profitable, which expenses I am incurring and how to diminish them when possible, how much time I am investing on each project and if it is actually worth it.
Before I used to do this on my own and spent so many hours and didn’t even obtain half the data. With Cloudlance I don’t need to invest that much time in interpreting results and I am much more conscious.

That is why I can use these days of famine to do this in depth analysis of my overall performance until I get a new gig. And for next time, whether I am working on 1 or several projects simultaneously, I will continue looking for work. What do you do while you are trying to get your new gig? Do you do your own admin tasks?

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