Can’t Concentrate Just Because A Bird Was Singing…

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Cant concentrate just because a bird was singing

The other day talking to my younger cousin who decided 6 months ago to quit her job and work from home, she contacted me wondering, do all freelancers around the world deal with the same thing.

For the past couple of weeks, she has had such a hard time concentrating. It seems like anything distracted her, she couldn’t manage to keep her attention on work and simply wondered off thinking about anything except work.

Normally, when I come across challenges or unfamiliar situations, I ask a close friend of mine for advice to see how he confronts them. She did the same thing and contacted me. Just like I was told years ago when I decided to freelance, I passed this information on to my cousin so she could see this was a casual thing and not to worry too much about it. It’s very apparent that all freelancers face similar situations sooner or later and it’s a matter of finding a routine to better adjust to this work style. As it turned out, these little changes helped me improve my focus and getting work done as it also helped my cousin and may help any other freelancer.

Basically, there are many times when you feel tired, lose focus immediately and, very importantly, feel very lonely. Every time I had to start a new project, overcome obstacles and/or make important decisions, I had no doubt of my capabilities and knowledge to face them; nonetheless, I constantly thought that sharing my thoughts with someone else could be beneficial to see things from a different perspective and to have other insights.

Throughout our conversation I told my cousin she should occasionally arrange lunch meetings with close friends or coworkers who also work from home to exchange ideas. This serves as quite a problem solving solution for various things. Not only does it change your daily routine allowing time to interact with other people and therefore entertain yourself by changing environments, but also you can learn from others and obtain interesting visions from experienced colleagues. If you include this as a weekly routine it will surprisingly represent a big change.

I also noticed that many times having a meeting through Skype with my clients makes my daily routine more interactive and thus appealing. On top of that, and probably even more importantly, it helps develop communication with clients. You can work in alignment and meet deadlines with clear objectives and keep track of where you are standing regarding clients’ needs.

Apart from that, little things also help make the difference such as forcing yourself to stand up, walk around the room or even go for a 5 minute walk around your neighborhood. Little by little when you begin to adjust your practices and incorporate new routines, working from home begins to feel nice.

What helps you focus when you are losing concentration? What are your techniques?

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