Freelancing? This Is How It Happened…

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Freelancing This is how it happen

It was a beautiful sunny morning, my alarm rang at 7am, and I was getting ready to go to work as usual, as every single morning.

Fortunately, I was able to arrange with a co-worker to carpool and that helped me save so much time. Commuting is a pain. So normally, at around 7:30 he would come pick me up. My morning routine was very simple: I got dressed, ate breakfast and I was ready to go. At 7:29 my phone rang and it was Bill telling me his car broke down and couldn’t come pick me up. He apologized for the late notification and said he would keep me informed to see if he’d even go to work that day. This obviously meant having to go to work on my own and perhaps returning home on my own as well. I immediately got moody, this meant arriving late at work due to the short notice, having to take a cab to work and crossing my fingers hoping we wouldn’t run into traffic.

As suspected, I had to tell my boss I was running late which was fine because that rarely happened. By the time I grabbed a coffee, sat at my desk and caught up with my emails my boss comes up to my office and explained there was something very important he had to communicate to me and my peers. Apparently the company had set some objectives and we weren’t meeting them. Along with that the earning estimated by the third quarter was much lower than expected and therefore serious changes were needed. One of them was closing down an entire business unit and reorganizing personnel. He explained my position was going to disappear and I had the possibility of making a lateral move, otherwise, I’d have to go. Bill was also affected by this restructure but in his case he would be laid off.

I was totally shocked by the news. My impression and feeling throughout the entire time working for this company was that I was irreplaceable and well, let´s face it, I thought I had the perfect job. I earned good money, I had a balanced work/personal life, I enjoyed what I did, and my work environment was very nice… But, to my surprise these wasn’t as secure and stable as I thought. Bill would be laid off, and many others as well. I was totally overwhelmed with the news and didn’t know what would be best.

So… how did I become a freelancer? I couldn’t stop asking myself “What guaranteed that I’d be able to stay in that new position for long and feel secure like I used to feel?“ I thought I’d might as well try a new option in life and started seeing so many benefits in working from home. Sometimes you find yourself where you least imagined, discovering it’s for the best. For others this could appear as a tragic event. To me this was an opportunity, an opportunity to discover the freelance lifestyle and to learn that I really enjoy it!

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