How Can Freelancers Get Paid On Time?

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How Can Freelancers Get Paid On Time

How many times have you experienced a delay between finishing a project and being paid for it?

Isn’t it common for you to receive late payments because clients’ didn’t get your invoice on time? Or because they are just slow to pay? Do you have to chase payments frequently? How many times have your clients paid after due date?

The reality is that freelancers and entrepreneurs face this situation with clients all the time. Although you may have clearly outlined payment terms in your proposals, clients still pay late. Let’s say you estimate a project will last a month with a 30-day payment term. Once you finalize the project your client requests changes and you agree on a new delivery date. Since the client requested this change and the completion date was moved forward a couple more weeks, you notice the initial payment terms were not complied. Therefore, you find yourself chasing overdue payments and sometimes these late payments are cashed 2 to 3 months later or even more. Not only this can turn into a stressful situation, but it can also become time-consuming taking time away from a new project or deal.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could optimize this process? Imagine if could easily generate your invoice, send it to your client and follow up on the collection process all from one place. Fortunately someone came up with the solution! Take a look at what Cloudlance does; you´ll feel a relief.

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