Reports Help Us Say Yes Or No

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Freelancers commonly ask themselves how to say no when a client knocks on their door.

Sometimes we are better off saying no even if it is hard.

Reports Help Us Say Yes Or No

Various reasons as to why we should say no:

  • When you are working on a handful of projects and simply don’t have enough time to accept a new one
  • When you’ve already had a bad experience with that client
  • When a clients request has unrealistic expectations
  • When you feel you are not capable to do the project or you are simply not qualified for it.
  • When you feel it is against your ethical
There are several other reasons that weren’t included in this list. However, I’d like to focus on one specific reason apart from the ones mentioned: when a project is not profitable.
Although projects can clearly be different among each other, they can still have many
similarities such as the duration, the expenses, the investment, etc. It’s very important for freelancers to monitor each project in depth and have a clear view on profitability by the time the project was closed. Creating reports and breaking down this data will allow you a better understanding as to where you are standing and that is how you can consciously decide which project is worth accepting and which not.
Cloudlance not only helps you creates invoices, but also generates reports (and ad-hoc reports as well) giving you crucial information to diagnose each project and observe how successful and cost-effective it was. 

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