Keeping Track Of Your Expenses

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It seems pretty obvious that some expenses are billable and some not and therefore the underlying importance of keeping perfect track of them for write-offs.


Surprisingly enough, this turns into a big headache when you pile up one expense over another and realize two weeks later that you missed to track one, two or several expenses generated.

Normally, when part of your regular routine implies travelling to visit clients, you accumulate quite a few types of expenses: plane tickets, meal receipts, transportation are just some examples. Let’s say you have a trip scheduled that lasts a week and immediately after arriving you are already on your next flight to visit another client for another week. By the time you are back home and it’s time to register all of your expenses you notice you lost some receipts, or you forgot which receipt was for business purposes and which one for personal ones. Just to mention a couple of things that could happen. This results in unregistered expenses and, in turn, no reimbursement.

If we look at the entire course of action and if one minor step is changed, things will surely look much simpler. Take a look at this idea:

Each time you incur in an expense you can register it through our mobile app. It is very fast and simple, all you need to do is take a picture of your receipt and upload it to the Cloudlance app. Pretty simple, right? Learn more about the Cloudlance app and our service at


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