Freelance Lifestyle

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Freelance Lifestyle

When deciding whether to venture freelancing and the new work-life style it implies, it’s important to actually stop for a second to think about the pros and cons. Thinking about working on your own and not having a boss breathing down your neck, managing your own schedule, choosing which client to work for and which not to, are just some examples of how exciting freelancing is.

It is important though to evaluate the whole picture and be aware that there are many challenges freelancers have to face. Preparing for these challenges ahead of time can make your life easier and that’s when you begin to enjoy.

When working at a Multinational you comply with your 8 hour shift, you get your piece of the job done and each department is in charge of their own piece. However, when working as a freelancer you are in charge of each and every step of the process taking on all of those responsibilities. One of the biggest defies some freelancers have is the collection process. Let’s say you closed your deal, you complied with the delivery date, your invoice was sent on time yet your client is not respecting the payment due date. How many times have you faced this situation having to contact your client, send them email reminders to pay the invoice, or spend valuable time on making those uncomfortable calls? Not only this is a painful process, but it also takes up so much of your time losing focus to work on other ongoing projects.

If you find yourself dealing with these admin tasks and wish things could be done faster and easier, there certainly are ways to accomplish that. Take a look at what Cloudlance offers and you will discover how much it could facilitate this process.

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